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Dad and the Grom


I wish I knew who these two are. I could be wrong but pretty sure they are father and son. Future champ for sure the way the grom was surfing though both surfed well out in front of Elouera on Wednesday 4-3-2020 while I was shooting Matt Griggs' squad.



Zac Martin at Griggsie's Wednesday Training Squad


Matt Griggs Wednesday afternoon 4-3-2020 traing squad at Elouera. CLICK HERE to view a selection of images from the shoot.



King Andy


I shot this image of Andy King at Wanda very early into the beginning of my second period of being a surf photographer (currently in my third). Andy was starting to make a name for himself as an up and comer on the pro circuit.



Tim Vanderlaan at the Southside Malibu Club Contest


Shot some images at the Mal Comp this morning (Sunday 1-3-2020). CLICK HERE to view some more images from the Comp


Anyone who has surfed around Cronulla for a longtime will recognise Tim Vanderlaan in this photo. Stylin' for a 60 year old. Not only is Tim a very competent longboard surfer, he was a very good short boarder as one of the original "Dunnay Hangers" but Tim is also a very accomplished surf photographer.

Tim was one of the regulars who shot Shark Island for many years. He and I many times found ourselves bobbing around together shooting out there. More often than not we would be the only photographers out there. Not so today. You have to take a ticket and get in line to get a shot off. 😂
This has got to be the first time in over 50 years that I have seen Tim surfing a board that is not a Jackson.



Dylan Hayllar


Sorting through some images and came across this photo of Dylan Hayllar surfing North Cronulla that I shot a few years back.



Harrison Martin on his yellow railed Pato up at Wanda on Sunday 23-2-2020. CLICK HERE to see a variety of images for the Week Ended 23-2-2020



Two legends and their understudy - I'll leave it to you to work out who the understudy is. L to R - Ian McDonald, Andy Britton and Brad Whitaker.



Byron Hurst


This is Byron, or as he is known to his students "Mr Hurst". Byron has been the arts teacher at Cronulla De La Salle (my old school) since he left teachers college and that was a long time ago.


Passionate about Cronulla, Byron during his many terms as a local Councilor was ahead of his time looking after the local envirnoment. One of his most famous campaigns was the "Poo March" when nearly all of Cronulla marched along the Esplanade from Cronulla Beach to Wanda chanting "Stop the Poo". This was all about the dreadful state of the beach because of the treatment works just next to the Greenhills Estate dumping sewarge into the ocean just off Voo Doo. Now it goes 5K out to sea and is properly treated before being discharged (not ideal but better than it was and least we are not all getting sick from surfing and swimming in the ocean anymore - thank you Mr Hurst).


Byron was part of the Team (including Veagey and others) who brought us the recent Southern Swell Exibition at the Hazelhurst Gallery. Byron is the current Chairman of the Board at Hazelhurst.


Me and my two brothers grew up with Byron and his brothers who lived around the corner from us. We played footy after school most afternoons when we weren't creating havoc down on Woolooware golf course. And then of course we discovered surfing and then every afteroon after school we were down at Elouera (we were the original "Dunny Hangers" - we were part of the original group that started Elouera Boarders Club "EBC" - Go the Dunny Hangers) surfing until dark before heading home for dinner. Byron's dad even opened a surf shop in the early 70s where Dr Phil's is now on the corner of Wills and Franklin Rds at Woolooware.


So when you see Byron around Cronulla you have a lot to thank him and also his lovely wife Jenny for. Cronulla would be a much worse place to live if it was not for Mr Hurst's passion for Cronulla.



Buy Local Designed and Shaped


I don't know why so many surfers in Cronulla buy the mass produced boards when we have some fine local shapers such as Sam Tehan who shaped the board in this photo and Stuart Paterson who shaped the board Harrison Martin is riding in one of my earlier posts not to mention Jimmy Parkinson formally of Jackson surfboards who I'm sure if you asked nicely and presented him with a case of beer then he maybe pursuded to come out of retirement and shape you a board. .....and whats more all three can shape cutting edge shortboards to classic mals and everything in between. I have boards from all three shapers and they are all pretty fine surfcraft.



Charli Hurst


Matt Griggs Squad + some others Wednesday 19-2-2020 (119 images on the Surf Images website). CLICK HERE to view the images from the shoot.



Harrison Martin


Harrison surfing The Alley on his Pato Tuesday 18-2-2020.



Kash Brown


Matt Griggs Squad + some others Tuesday 18-2-2020. CLICK HERE to view the images from the shoot.



Jon Hayman


John surfing Off the Wall late morning Tuesday 18-2-2020. CLICK HERE to view the entie sequence + other images from the shoot.



Paul Holbrook


"Chooky" surfing Elouera Beach Monday afternoon 17-2-2020. CLICK HERE to view the entie sequence + other images from the session.



Tom McKirdy


Tom on the wave from hell. Gutsy effort to take off on this. He suffered some pain and is still recovering two days later with a very sore back. He was lucky he had some good mates with him to help him and that even though it was late there was still a lifeguard out on the jetski.CLICK HERE to view the entire sequence



Grant Muir


GM out at North Cronulla this morning (Sunday 16-2-2020) riding his Dylan Longbottom 9 foot gun. This was Dylan's own board that he used in Bali. GM got it from Dylan and also Dylan's 8 footer as well up in Bali. Dylan is an exceptional surfer and even more exceptional board designer and shaper. I knew his dad Ross (who was the long time glasser at G&S when the boards were made in Caringbah). CLICK HERE to view more images from the shoot



Cooper Manion


Cooper doing a fine impersonation of Owl Chapman on a Shark Island Left CLICK HERE to view more images from the shoot



Jared Hickle


Jared surfing The Alley, North Cronulla Friday 24-1-2020. CLICK HERE to view more images from the shoot



Jay Brown


Jay surfing The Alley Tuesday morning 21-1-2020. CLICK HERE to view more images from the shoot



Off the top at The Alley, North Cronulla. CLICK HERE to view the Slideshow



Crappy conditions down at the 'Nulla' when I shot these images at Elouera just at the North end of the Wall between 4:00 and 5:00 pm on Monday 6-1-2020. To view the slide show CLICK HERE



Golden shimmer while waiting for a wave at North Cronulla on Christmas Eve morning. CLICK HERE to view the Slideshow



Off for a Surf at Midway. CLICKHERE to view the Slideshow



Jaz Turner surfing The Alley



Loggin' North Cronulla



A montage of images shot around Cronulla


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