Surf Images are shot around the various Cronulla surf breaks

Greg McCarthy is Surf Images.

These days I shoot mostly all along the Cronulla Beach front as well as Voodoo, Shark island, The Point, Solander and even Kurnell Point when it's on. I don't travel anymore so so enjoy just shooting locally. I have lived in Cronulla mu whole life so have a pretty good idea what swells work best for the different spots around Cronulla. I don't shoot everyday, usually only when the surf is good. I prefer the afternoons because the light is front lit though I can often be found out early in the mornings. These days I am generally shooting from the beach with my Canon gear and Huey my black and white border collie by my side.

I generally post some of the images from each shoot on Instagram within 24 hours of shooting. Here is a link to my Surf Images Instagram page @gregmccarthy_surfimages The remainder of the images wil be posted here in high resolution as a slide show at the end of each month. Check the Photos link in red at the top of this page for a list of the slideshows.

 Images for Personal Use

 I'm happy to provide a jpeg of images posted here for personal use on Instagram and/or Facebook etc. If you would like a copy of an image of yourself EMAIL ME with the date and place where the image was shot and the image number. Commercial use needs to be negotiated with me.